Bugsnap Integrations

Bugsnap isn't just a standalone tool. It's designed to seamlessly integrate with various third-party platforms, enhancing your workflow and ensuring you're always in the loop. This guide will walk you through the available integrations and how to set them up.

Slack, Discord, and MS Teams

Description: Receive real-time notifications in your preferred communication tool whenever a new bug report is submitted.


  1. Generate Webhook URL: Depending on your platform (Slack, Discord, or MS Teams), create a new incoming webhook and copy the generated URL.

  2. Bugsnap Integrations: Navigate to the integrations section in your Bugsnap account.

  3. Enter Webhook URL: Paste the copied webhook URL into the respective field.

Github and Linear (Coming Soon)

Description: Automate your bug tracking by directly creating new issues in your project management tools when a bug report is submitted.


  1. API Access: Ensure you have API access enabled for your Github or Linear account.

  2. Bugsnap Dashboard: Navigate to the integrations section.

  3. API Key: Enter your Github or Linear API key.

  4. Repository/Project Mapping: Map Bugsnap projects to specific repositories or projects in Github/Linear.

Note: Detailed setup instructions will be provided once this integration is live.

Integrating Bugsnap with your existing tools not only streamlines your workflow but also ensures faster response times to reported issues. If you need assistance with any integration or have suggestions for new integrations, reach out to our support team at