Bugsnap Documentation


Welcome to Bugsnap, your go-to solution for seamless bug reporting and error tracking directly from your website. Whether you're a developer, a product manager, or someone who just wants to ensure their website runs smoothly, Bugsnap is designed to make your life easier.

Why Bugsnap?

  1. User-Friendly Reporting: With a simple widget integration, your website visitors can effortlessly report bugs, errors, or any issues they encounter. No need for them to send lengthy emails or screenshots. It's all done within the widget.

  2. Comprehensive Data Collection: When a bug is reported, Bugsnap doesn't just capture the user's message. It also gathers essential data like browser info, device details, cookies, and more. This ensures you have all the context you need to address the issue.

  3. Efficient Issue Management: With the Bugsnap dashboard, you can view, manage, and prioritize all reported issues. Assign them to team members, set priorities, and track their status, all in one place.

  4. Insightful Analytics: Understand the health of your website with statistics. Know which pages have the most reports, see trends over the past week, and more.

Who is Bugsnap For?

Bugsnap is versatile and can be a valuable tool for:

  • Developers: Quickly identify and fix issues, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • Product Managers: Gain insights into user challenges and prioritize fixes.
  • Website Owners: Ensure your website is always in top shape by addressing issues promptly.

How Does Bugsnap Work?

At its core, Bugsnap is a widget that integrates into your website. Once added, users can:

  • Write a message describing the issue.
  • Take a screenshot of the current page.
  • Record a screen video to provide a clear context.

When they submit their report, Bugsnap captures additional data to help you understand and replicate the issue. All these reports are then sent to a centralized dashboard where you can view and manage them.

Getting Started

Ready to dive in? This documentation will guide you through every step, from integrating Bugsnap into your website to customizing the widget and managing reports. And don't worry, we've made sure to keep things simple and easy to follow, regardless of your technical expertise.